How do I make money on Snapchat?

Make money easily, use Snapchat. Yes, Snapchat is certainly the social network that offers the most money to those who know how to do it. To start the business, all you need is an account, a large community and a large network. Sale, affiliation, advertising… all means are good as long as you follow the rules of the group.

How to make money on Snapchat: the first steps

Snapchat is one of the most active and profitable social networks. To get started, you should attract attention to attract people. Your compensation will depend on the number of subscribers and the number of reactions. Photos, emojis, stickers, filters… everything has to be engaging for your followers to act and react to everything you post. But before that, you have to develop your community. This is step one. Click here to download the snapchat app.

How do I make money on Snapchat

· How do you develop your community?

  • Add friends: invite your friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to follow you on Snapchat. Let us talk about yourself so that they may come to you;
  • Use high-quality, hard-hitting content: it’s all based on the relevance of your posts and how often you send it. A blind, for example, has only a few hours to convince. You have to customize it to the best of your ability, with filters or emojis, so that people can take a look at it;
  • Share your content: Do everything you can to reach as many people as possible by sharing your content in groups and asking your followers to do the same. The goal is always to acquire traffic and increase the number of subscribers;
  • Share other Snapchat accounts in the hope of leverage: target the biggest influencers and share their accounts, posts or stories. They will do the same for you so that you increase in popularity quickly. You invite your followers to subscribe to their profiles, and they will do the same for you;
  • Pay an influencer to promote yourself: yes, sometimes you’ll have to invest to be in a post and get an ad on your behalf. The price depends on the person chosen.

·      Snapcode to get known faster

Snapchat grants a custom code to all its members. This make it easier to find a person and subscribe. Use it to make yourself known and to help your loved ones find you. It’s not just about your friends, you can use it in a blind or content so people can spot you with a single click.

Often, it is put on his profile picture, well highlighted. You can change it in a few weeks and put it back on again afterwards. So you have to interchange it with another avatar. Everyone will know that this is code. It’s even the fastest way to generate heavy traffic. Then you have to hold their attention and win a “like” thanks to the content.

Snapcode can also be shared on other social networks. Just give it to your friends or subscribers. The principle remains the same, it looks for you with this code to subscribe directly to your Snapchat account. The risk of falling on another profile is zero because this code is individual.

·    Create attractive content

Content is the foundation of your attractiveness, visibility and reputation. They must be attractive, unique, relevant and sometimes even revealing. Indeed, the number of influencers looking for singularity is increasing by the day. To stand out, it will take more than just a photo, a classic video or a basic store.

You should customize each post,post your personal fingerprint to make sure it will work. It is even an obligation given the absolute need to create something innovative, new and captivating. In a word, you should be original. The goal is:

  • To retain your subscribers,
  • to encourage them to put a “like”
  • to encourage them to share,
  • to surprise them,
  • to make them happy or to make them laugh,
  • to be unique.

Also, they’ll want to follow you. They will be interested in each of your publications if they are all so bewitching… in a good way. And for that, don’t hesitate to use Snapchat tools. Filters and emoticons are intended for this. They can embellish a photo, customize it and catch the eye. And when it attracts, it’s great. You can be sure that we will share it and that it will help you gain even more influence.

Don’t forget toadd a personal touch: a color, a drawing, an emoji, a filter, a particular font, etc. When the content is easy to remember, it will be even better. Note that some people buy photos or videos on Snapchat to use on their site. Others use it to animate their YouTube channel. Thus, you will be able to earn money directly or at worst earn a second of advertising on these platforms.

· Create a special filter for Snapchat

Yes, you can make money by creating a filter on Snapchat. One filter for Christmas, another for a given event, another for a private show for a singer, etc. You can do this for the companies that are going to buy it or for the general public. You will develop an attractive filter that people will use.

It pays off sometimes, but it’s an advantage for your profile since it’s going to be known. For sales, it’s convenient and even recommended to showcase a product, a collection or a brand.

How to make money on Snapchat: the first steps

Making money on Snapchat: other options

After opening an account and developing your network, you’ll need to sign partnerships with well-known personalities on Snapchat. You may also be able to accept contracts with brands for a sale or advertisement. Some opt for sponsored stories. There are a number of options.

·      Sell products or services on Snapchat

This is the classic case, you can sell products or services on Snapchat:

  • First case: the commission

You earn a commission because you sell on behalf of a company or an individual. Your profile will be a real online store, where you can see the products, the price, the delivery method, etc. Plus, you can set the original price because the company offers you a percentage on each sale. You are thus an employee at home or in salary portage.

Similarly for the sale of services,you can get a share every time your employer earns a new customer. You will have to prove that it was your posts that convinced him. But it’s not very difficult if you use customer codes or promo codes.

  • Second case, direct selling:

You’re selling on your behalf. So you can make money on Snapchat by using your account as an e-shop. Only you are the only one who sets prices. You will have to build a stock or work with supplier. You will also be in charge of delivery, customer support, after-sales services and everything else.

·      Sign an affiliate agreement with Snapchat

The principle is simple, you will sell products from other platforms on Snapchat. The affiliation contract therefore stipulates that you will advertise it. In each content, you will leave a link to guide customers to this product. This way, you’re sure to get paid via Snapchat.

You will be responsible for promoting a particular brand, service or product. This type of activity is reserved for influential people because of the need to cover a large audience. But even if you’re just starting out, if you can convince, you can do it. So think about working with well-known influencers.

  • Promoting a brand

Sponsored content will therefore be your means of exchange. The more you do, the more famous they are, the more they make. In fact, all accounts that have hundreds of thousands of followers receive proposals for partnerships. You can have tens of euros with a single story, or even tens of thousands of euros. It depends on the sign, the number of views and the number of reactions.

You should be original and creative to put the product or service forward. Often you should use it and present it in a video. In some cases, all you have to do is send a photo. But the important thing is to promote it and reach as many people as possible.

  • A partnership with an influencer

It’s like you’re the relay between the influencer and the end customer. Either you sign a contract, which is safer. Either you agree tacitly or by exchanging messages about sharing everything the influencer publishes. Here you work for the latter and not directly for the original company.

In practice, you will increase its influence and give it even more visibility. There is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, you will earn a name more easily and quickly. This, exchange a small amount of money to agree between you. But you’re going to have to work hard, especially the first few months to get your first contract.

You will be forced to engage in conversation and send the first message. It will take dozens of them because some will never have an answer. So you will introduce yourself and propose your project, and wait if the person contacted is interested or not. But it’s a safe investment every time.

·      Offer business training on Snapchat

Many influencers become trainers in spite of themselves or by choice. Indeed, as Snapchat makes a lot of money, many people are interested in the subject. You can play the professionals and show how to do it. The training will obviously pay off, and it will be your remuneration.

You can do this online, directly on Snapchat, to further increase your influence. This is perfect for business, but also for training. You will have asked more and more as the months go by, which is promising. So you can become a specialist consultant,expert or simple trainer on possible business on Snapchat.

Your expertise, your tips, your advice and your experience will be your main assets. You’re going to sell yourself and offer marketing strategies tailored to Snapchat. You will train new members, guide them, sponsor them and even advertise for them. In other words, you will be a mentor. The latter alternative is easier to implement. Only, you should still be known to do it. Hence the importance of networking.

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