How do I Earn Money Online Using TELEGRAM?

Earning money without leaving their home, everyone dreams of a life like this right now. The Internet also opens up new perspectives on this subject. And besides money sites or online job sites, some apps can help. Telegram, one of the best-known messaging programs at the moment, is one of them.

Making money with Telegram: which option to choose?

Telegram may not be as famous as WhatsApp when it comes to how to make money online. However, by creating a sales network or an advertising channel, you can round off your end of the month. If not, talk with a bot or post links.

Earn Money Online Using TELEGRAM

Set up your own broadcast channel

To earn money with Telegram, create your own ad channel. This is content for marketing purposes that companies ask you to broadcast. So you’re going to advertise for start-ups or reputable brands. It may be a consumable, a tool, a range of luxury items, services or other. You will be paid for each ad, publication or replay of content.

This should help you amass a large number of subscribers. In fact, your new Telegram channel will be a way to stream content. Since there are no restrictions, you can earn as much money as followers. Whether it’s a simple message, an image or a video, your subscribers will see them on their News Feed. Your channel can become famous in no time if the ads reach a large audience.

How do I create it?

  • Download the Telegram app to your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS). A version for PC exists, you can use it too;
  • Go to “Options”;
  • Click “New Channel”;
  • Save the basic information for your channel. Here you will add the name of the channel, the description and the profile picture.

You should prepare the profile picture and description before the creation stage. Don’t forget to put the status on “public.” This way, everyone will be able to see, react and share your content. You’ll gain more subscribers with each post. In the settings, you can either enable the channel’s publication or not.

If you want to make it your main activity, you will have to put the package, convince and attract people. Many people make a living in this way, precisely because they have developed a wide network. Every time they publish something, the audience is always important. Which pays off.

Sign an affiliate contract and use shortened links

As with all online platforms, such as Amazon or eBay, you can also enter into an affiliate agreement on Telegram. It’s even the best way to make money. And if you already have a personal account, including a private channel, it will be easier. The goal is to sell products or services through one or more affiliate links.

You will put these links in your content. When customers purchase the product in question and have done so through these links, you will be paid a commission. And this, for every purchase validated. Plus, the amount can vary depending on the company and the type of product sold. So you can earn several hundred euros in one month, and several thousand in the following months. It depends on your attendance and the purchases made.

Affiliate marketing on Telegram still allows you to go through shortcuts. You will then have shortened links, not affiliate links. But the operation and use remain the same. When a customer clicks on these links, you receive between $0.1 or $5. Here, therefore, it is not the validated purchases that count, but the clicks. This can also pay off big.

Contracting several partnership agreements

It is possible to enter into partnership agreements on Telegram. You can sign them with big brands, public figures, classic companies or start-ups. If you are known on Telegram, you can influence sales by making a few commercials. It’s even a real influence job. You are paid to increase the reputation and notoriety of your partners. You’re going to do everything you can to get your subscribers to buy.

Your employees are therefore your contractors. Depending on your contract, you will be paid:

  • For each publication,
  • For the number of reactions,
  • For the number of e-mail messages sent,
  • For every sale made through your ad,
  • For each ad,

Ask for a subscription fee

Initially, Telegram should only be used for discussions. But like all social networks, it allows you to share content. This is completely free, so you don’t need a big investment. You won’t even pay anything other than your internet subscription. Still, you can charge a subscription fee. It’s legal and the app allows it.

In fact, you may even charge a fee to open your content. Subscribers must pay before accessing everything you broadcast. You can also limit access to a portion of your posts only. Just set up your channel and add private access.

The most is that subscribers who pay you report several times. First, because they have to pay before they read the content. As they are necessarily interested (otherwise, they would not have paid), they will surely buy the products. Your partners will still pay you since there has been a purchase. If there are no products for sale, you can still expect the gains from the shortened links.

So it’s a real business that you realize by creating a channel on Telegram. If that doesn’t work, consider making it a showcase. Again, you can work with partners. You will be responsible for bringing their products or services to the eyes of everyone, or at least your subscribers. Your account will be a promotional medium for a given company. It will be the channel through which your employee’s network marketing will be done.

Create bots on Telegram

Bots or robots on Telegram help you make some money. You can organize paid activities by creating bots. Paid subscriptions, sales, advertisements… everything can work. This artificial intelligence works for you to make the payment process automatic. This is the same way that remote controls are currently done, via robots.

Many companies integrate robots into their online accounts, social networks. This generates considerable gains because they save money, time and avoid long organizations. They also make it easier to administer your channel, interact with you and communicate in general.

Administer your private channel: another option

Creating a private channel is one thing. But administering one is another. In order to be able to disseminate content, it is necessary to create content first. After the creation and publication, you have to play the community manager. So you’ll administer your channel and interact with each post. How do you create content and how to properly manage your page?


For content to be broadcast, you should be careful:

  • As such:it must be racoleur, but truthful, that is to say clear and very real. It should sum up the content well and not just hook subscribers. When the title is successful, subscribers are not likely to leave;
  • To the description:it defines your channel, your activity and your theme. It must be detailed enough for each subscriber to find an interest in following you. It must be able to give a concrete idea of the activity of the chain;
  • The logo:also a racoleur, it must be easily visible and visible. It impacts the channel as much as the title. It still has to sum up your activity, be design and professional.

The administration itself

For the administration of your Telegram channel, you should do everything you can to keep the stream constant. The information must pass directly and your audience should find it easily. Be regular, but not too frequent either. Stay polite and courteous, but still have a little humor if necessary.

In other words, the channel must be interactive, lively and real. In order not to frustrate subscribers, you should respect them and understand that they expect something from the page. You should be able to provide and meet this need. You should earn their trust and do everything you can to be worthy of it. If you lose it, you risk churn.

The little tricks

On Telegram, you have to be original, authentic and persuasive. Your publications need to be unique and personalized to make the customer feel unique. A few tips should help.

  • Unique content

People need to feel respected. Plagiarism and “copy and paste” don’t work because they know you’re working for a particular company. So you should customize your posts or broadcasts as best you can to reach customers.

  • Automated bots

Automatic services are not always recommended because the customer needs to interact with a human. But this also applies when managing and administering your channel. The bots are there to make the job easier, but you should be there to promote the human side of the job.

  • Publications

Subscribers must find the information in the title. Otherwise, they will be forced to read all the content. This is not a problem at first, except that the title should be enough to create the desire to buy. So be brief, but precise. Choose your photos, videos and words carefully.

  • Entertainment

Being serious and professional is obligatory, but it takes a note of humor to further enhance your content. Popular entertainment always adds value to something and encourages readers to share. But be careful not to overdo it.

  • Advertisements

When you’re asked to run advertising campaigns, take the time to study the targets. Also, you can mount real strategies, be effective and even efficient. Consider following the example of competitors without copying them. Be creative, but realistic.

How do you increase your influence on Telegram?

Anyone can earn money on Telegram as long as they are active and enduring. But a new channel is unlikely to get by without advertising. You should advertise it with other social networks or other channels.

Advertising your channel

Telegram channels allow you to communicate by courier. The operation does not stray from that of Instagram or Facebook. Your reputation depends on the number of followers.

  • Ask a friend to advertise:Ask a well-known author to leave a few words about you and redirect subscribers to your channel. Give them links to your channel;
  • Social networks:A popular page on Instagram or Facebook can create a post with your Telegram link. The visitor who clicks on it will be redirected to your channel;
  • Games to share: Create contest games, draws or games of chance to share on your channel. Subscribers like to have fun so the marketing boost is assured;
  • Buy a Telegram promotion:The app allows you to pay for a promotion. You can request the services of a professional or purchase views, subscribers to the channel or subscribers to the group. The price ranges from 2 euros to 15 euros maximum.

What you need to know

Telegram channels linked to cryptocurrencies are very popular. As payments are made in Litcoin, opportunities and opportunities are multiplying. To get started, don’t hesitate to create your own virtual currency chain. Once you’ve gained a certain notoriety, vary the activities by creating chains of sales of products or services.

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