How to Add My Blog to Google News [Google Publisher Center]

Google News is the preferred Google information platform in which you can not most effective tell yourself, however additionally function a source of statistics for plenty customers… And at the same time as being profitable.

In this educational you will discover ways to include your weblog in Google News and we will see grade by grade all the symptoms that can make certain the achievement of your application, you just should take time to follow the whole lot you will research.

Understanding Google News

As I referred to at the start, Google News is a platform / aggregator of information that in easy words what it does is take the rss of your website and location the ones information that surely qualify inside its exceptional standards to be published.

How to Add My Blog to Google News [Google Publisher Center]

For this it’s far necessary to know what can and can’t be accomplished, also the content categories that Google News accepts and take into account that when it comes to Google, you’ll understand if we need to do some thing in opposition to their policies, so my recommendation isn’t to breach them to as a way to enjoy for a long time the benefits provided to us.

What sort of content is authorized?

First it’s far important to apprehend what is news and what is not. A news is a truth associated with modern-day occasions, meaning which you can not submit content material from past activities or activities that aren’t latest because it is towards the policies of Google News.

If your blog is set tutorials, suggestions, diets, ancient evaluations, it may now not be generic, it’s also essential that your website also meets the minimum requirements of the editorial layout of a newspaper, however we can see that during element within the requirements you need to satisfy. .

The content material categories are numerous, but the number one requirement is that they be information, contemporary affairs and they meet the goal of Informing the consumer.

It is also vital to remember the fact that the news has different sorts of format and you need to realize how to differentiate it whilst sending the inclusion request:

  • PressRelease (seen): An respectable press launch
  • Satire (Visible): An article featuring a mocking theme for academic functions
  • Blog (Visible): Any article published on a blog or in a weblog layout
  • OpEd: An opinion piece from the opinion piece phase of your website
  • Opinion: Any other opinion that does not appear at the page of opinion articles, inclusive of critiques, interviews, and many others.
  • UserGenerated: User-generated newsworthy content material that has exceeded a proper editorial overview method on your website

Advantages and drawbacks

Some of the advantages that Google News brings us are:

  • Natural hyperlink building from distinctive sources.
  • Organic visitors and inquisitive about our subject matter.
  • You do not need to do search engine optimization to be able to have visits on a brand new weblog.
  • Generate a believe repute for capacity customers.
  • You can generate a logo in less time.

But we know that with Google not the entirety is earnings, it additionally has a few negative aspects :

  • You will always be within the spotlight and may be banned.
  • You must observe all rules or you will be banned.
  • Do no longer even think about placing a subject matter that doesn’t correspond to the content material class that you have entered into Google News … Or you’ll be banned.
  • It is essential that your weblog is continuously updated, in any other case, it loses the goal of being in Google News (that’s proper, you guessed it, you could additionally be banned).

It is essential that you take into account that any bad step you take already being in the platform method banning your website online, so that you need to take awesome care of those websites to get right advantages $$

Requirements to feature my blog

  • The internet site you need to consist of need to be verified as your private home (Google Analytics / Search Console).
  • Create profile playing cards for every creator in which you include call, brief description, social networks and image, the intention is to make it appearance natural and real.
  • You ought to have as a minimum 2 editors (it isn’t vital, however you must create 2 or more editor profiles, even if they’re fictitious).
  • You have to publish at least 3 every day articles.
  • Articles must be as a minimum 300 words.
  • The website ought to have the following pages or sections: Authors , contact , policies and About.
  • The shape of the URL need to be smooth for Google to understand, in my case I usually pick this layout:

You can try other codecs, however this is the only that has always labored for me.

  • If your website touches other topics and not simply information, you need to create a separate class where you place the information, as an instance miblog.Com/news and so that it will be the one that we upload to Google News, understand that most effective what you install that class will be taken as news.
  • If your weblog is news, however it’s miles multi-themed, it’s far encouraged that you separate the news by categories, for instance miblog.Com/noticias-cultura miblog.Com/noticias-politica miblog.Com/noticias-deportes
  • DO NOT placed advertising and marketing earlier than which includes your website and if you have already got marketing included, my recommendation is that the website isn’t always saturated with commercials, I typically have 2 or three commercials on my websites after including them, no longer earlier than.

Application method

It is time to get down to paintings, however as I stated before, I advocate you end analyzing the entire article earlier than you can take motion in your internet site, I wish you have study the necessities I cited above properly and that your website I am satisfying them, in any other case, you will have lost the opportunity and you may need to wait 6 months to resend the request for inclusion.

Steps to include my weblog in Google News:

  • 1 – Click on the following hyperlink
  • 2 – Search for the internet site you need to feature
  • 3 – Click on Apply for inclusion in Google News
  • 5 – Then you click on Send and also you ought to wait for the request to be accepted or rejected, anyhow they will ship you an e mail notifying you.
How to Add My Blog to Google News [Google Publisher Center]

Ways of monetization

One of the benefits that we all hope is that Google News allows us to earn money, specifically to take benefit of the truth that it sends us routine traffic, but the trouble isn’t to make the standard mistakes of overpopulating our blog with marketing because in the end we are able to grow to be being expelled from this system and they may also put off all our previous content material from Google News.

So I am going to show you the perfect ways to monetize all the benefits you may get without risk of banning.


If you are exact with associate systems, the proper is that you do not placed a shop at the web this is in view of the users, you may not be able to placed a whole e-commerce, but alternatively, you have to placed your foxy to work, for instance, depending Of the form of website you’ve got, you can work the associates in the following manner (usually deliberating that what you put up is information):

A) Create a web page or put up wherein you have got some associate products, however do not overdo it.

Post a tale with a related topic and placed a hyperlink or name to movement to the web page / submit where your affiliate links are.

B) Create a news object wherein you mention a listing of x things and put your associate link in one of the factors of the list, but with out it being so striking.

C) Put a widget inside the sidebar in which you may place as much as a most of 4 affiliate products, you could additionally set it.

D) Capture leads through a subscription discipline after which monetize your lists with eMail Marketing.

Note: Never publish a news to make a redirect.

Reviews on Google News

If you devote yourself to promoting critiques, you may positioned one, however respecting the subject which you have covered in Google News and with out spamming it, as an instance, for each 10 news articles you could consist of 1 or 2 evaluations and spotlight the reality which you are On Google News, do not provide away the critiques for a few bucks.


You can positioned between 2 or three advertisements inside the content, Google News checks the code of the articles to peer if they’re complete of ads, so be very cautious, higher location the commercials nicely optimized and check A / B and positioned a map of heat to know that’s the quality role, wherein users spend greater time, where they make more clicks and with all that facts optimizes.

Direct Clients

Another manner that works first-class is which you sell spaces to clients without delay, with the quantity of visits and the coolest metrics you’ll attain in case you do your activity nicely, I assure you that you could get precise clients who pay you for a set space and you may fee them monthly, you could additionally promote sponsored posts to exceptional manufacturers related to your theme or even x product opinions, right here the trick is understanding a way to integrate what you sell into your blog content material.

Inclusion service sale in Google News

When you have already controlled to consist of numerous websites in Google News and you know all of the tricks and optimizations which you must do, you can sell the inclusion carrier of websites in Google News, giving as a guarantee that in case you do not be successful you’ll no longer price, but in case you do, You can charge as a minimum $ a hundred.00 according to internet, so it can get very beneficial.

Optimize a internet site for Google News

I will come up with some hints and recommendations that you must comply with before sending the inclusion request, remember that all this can boom your possibility of being prevalent.

Create a news sitemap, I could advocate Yoast’s WordPress SEO News, but you have to make a good funding, so I will tell you the plugin that I use, it is unfastened and you could discover it on the end of the publish.

Before sending the utility, I recommend which you spend at least 15 days publishing three information a day and maintain up the pace of book at some stage in and after the software, in my case I do it from Monday to Friday from before I despatched the software and I even have now not had problems.

The Home need to usually be inside the fashion of a blog, by no means a landing.

You must undergo in thoughts that the loading time of the web must be optimized, if it’s miles less than 2 seconds an awful lot higher for you.
Turn off advertising and marketing, so that you will now not believe that your main objective is to monetize the visitors a good way to attain you.

Use the categories correctly, do not blend content material or put up sponsored articles or critiques that don’t correspond to the subject in the information class.

Do now not use CPA to monetize the net.

Periodically take a look at the indexing and sitemap within the Search Console.

Do not modify the shape of permanent URLs because you will lose the whole lot you’ve got earned in Google News (links and site visitors from preceding articles).

Try to use a bodily address and provide your website a professional and critical appearance.

When you have been popular, in case you plan to use AdSense, I propose which you location the ads inside the content and not intrusively, a maximum of three commercials, so select and optimize properly the ones you may use. And that is interested by nowadays, if you have any questions you can depart it in the feedback.

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