Hippo Video marketing & sales video platform for business

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Hippo Video is a finished video advertising stage that furnishes showcasing groups with the capacity to adequately convey the estimation of their items or administrations, advance brand mindfulness, and addition more clients by making, altering, and sharing adaptable video substance on the web. The video promoting stage is likewise worked to streamline deals procedures and improve the conveyance of client assistance.

With Hippo Video, it is easy to make videos. Advertising groups and experts can create amazing videos from pictures just as produce videos straightforwardly inside the devices they are utilizing regular.

Hipp Video is outfitted with a video manager that makes it simple for clients to alter their videos. This video altering instrument empowers them to include writings, emoticons, and callouts to videos so watchers can see obviously what the videos are attempting to pass on. They can likewise incorporate portrayals and conceal certain territories or articles inside a video by obscuring them out.

Hippo Video marketing & sales video platform for business

Hippo Video is an amazing stage since it encourages advertisers convert possibilities to steadfast clients. The stage lets them dispatch key video promoting efforts that urge watchers to take activities on the spot. This is made conceivable by adding call-to-activities to videos like pictures, URL connections, and structures. Call-to-activities can be set up to divert watchers to a particular site page or site.

With regards to sharing and appropriating videos on the web, the video advertising stage offers various approaches to do that. Clients can share videos on long range informal communication destinations, circulate videos through email, or implant videos onto a site or application. While sharing and conveying videos, the stage likewise guarantees that these videos are secured. Passwords can be included and expiry dates can be set as clients share video joins.

Hippo Video offers highlights planned for improving how watchers collaborate with video substance. To build video commitment, the stage permits watchers to say something regarding a video by including remarks. Watchers can likewise record their own videos to clarify why they are happy with an item or administration or point out issues they are experiencing. To wrap things up, Hippo Video conveys the information clients need so they can measure and examine the presentation of their video promoting efforts.

ᐅ Hippo Video for students, kids, and teachers

Don’t simply consider new ideas with Hippo Video – hop outside of it. Consider making videos that delay for understudies to finish exercises. For instance, give kids a QR code to a Google Slides introduction, and record a screencast that asks understudies to stop and answer inquiries on a Google Form or take communitarian notes.

Screencast an exercise with a device like Freckle, utilizing the attracting instrument to work out methods or mark things, or show kids how to utilize another tech apparatus by screencasting a short instructional exercise. Even better, have them show you (and each other) how to utilize their preferred apparatus.

Appoint video book talks, and save a storehouse for kids who gripe about not realizing what to peruse. Indeed, even lead virtual composing meetings by recording your criticism and letting understudies present a video accordingly. Have children make short videos to clarify photosynthesis or 3D printing programming, or how to work out a math issue. Watching videos can be tedious, so instructors might need to restrict understudy reactions to a few minutes or breaking point the quantity of understudies who can submit videos for every task.

Need thoughts for proficient improvement? Walk clients through a PD introduction, a direction video, HR methods, or a voyage through the school’s learning the executives framework (LMS) to reduce data over-burden and allow new representatives to watch and re-observe once the residue has settled.

Hippo Video has thought rich instructional exercises and blog entries for motivation. Instructors should realize that the free preliminary keeps going just half a month, and the paid plans, while sensibly evaluated, may be far off for a few. Right now, free form is as yet worth a look. It would be decent if there was where teachers and understudies could share their screencasts with others, however even without it, there are heaps of motivations to check out this one.

ᐅ Diagram of Hippo Video Benefits

⭐ Make Awesome Videos Effortlessly

Hippo Video makes the way toward making magnificent videos easily. The stage empowers clients to create videos through webcam recording, screen catch, and sound chronicle. They can likewise make videos from the pictures they transferred to the stage or chose from Hippo Video’s own picture library. Here, they will have the option to think of a video that just contains pictures and include a sound or music which will be played out of sight.

ᐅ Produce Videos Directly Within Your Favorite Tools

The stage can be coordinated with different apparatuses, for example, Gmail, Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Intercom, Slack, and Trello. Along these lines, clients would now be able to make videos legitimately inside the devices and applications they are utilizing each day. Along these lines, they can create marvelous videos without the need to leave their preferred instruments.

ᐅ Perform Simple Video Editing Tasks

To make their videos all the more dazzling, energizing, and intriguing, Hippo Video furnishes clients with video altering apparatuses and highlights. The video promoting stage is worked with a video editorial manager that permits them to perform basic video altering assignments like trimming video cuts and obscuring out explicit regions or items inside the video that show delicate data.

The video editorial manager, moreover, lets them clarify certain segments of a video so watchers can expend and comprehend video substance better. Along these lines, Hippo Video permits clients to include writings, emoticons, and callouts to their videos.

ᐅ Supports Advanced And Professional Video Editing

Hippo Video underpins propelled video altering undertakings. These are undertakings that are normally performed by proficient video editors. For example, it empowers clients to record portrayals and add them to videos. They can likewise design video cut settings to change esteems for width, mistiness, blur in and grow dim, volume, and the sky is the limit from there.

ᐅ Advance Brand Awareness Through Video Player Customization

The video showcasing stage applies various procedures for advancing brand mindfulness. One system is by tweaking a video player. Clients can modify their video player by including their own logo, picking a topic, and adding thumbnails and call-to-activities.

ᐅ Add Call-To-Actions To Your Videos

Hippo Video was made and created to help advertising groups and experts acquire clients, permitting them to change over watchers into dynamic and faithful clients. In promoting, the utilization of call-to-activities is an incredible method to build changes. Call-to-activities use words or expressions that incite and urge crowds to promptly take activities, giving them a desire to move quickly and managing them so they’ll recognize what to do on the off chance that they acknowledge an offer or decide to buy in.

The stage permits clients to use call-to-activities as they advance their items or administrations through video promoting. Various sorts of source of inspiration can be added to videos, for example, comments, pictures, and HTML joins. They are additionally given the choice to characterize the date when the source of inspiration will fire appearing and the date when they will vanish. These call-to-activities can divert watchers to explicit site pages or sites.

ᐅ Gather Viewer Or Audience Information Using Web Forms

Including web frames straightforwardly inside videos is likewise made conceivable. With this component, clients will have the option to effectively gather immeasurably significant data about their watchers. Later on, they can utilize this data to contact prospects and existing clients.

ᐅ Consistent Video Collaboration

The video promoting stage licenses clients to store every one of their videos in a safe cloud condition. This makes it simple for them to work together on videos. Colleagues can get to the video substance they need as indicated by the jobs and consents allocated to them.

ᐅ Compose Videos Into Different Video Categories

Showcasing groups and experts will have the option to team up better if the videos they are dealing with are sorted out efficiently. Along these lines, Hippo Video offers video facilitating highlights, for example, the capacity to arrange videos into various video classifications.

ᐅ Programmed Transcoding Capability

Another video facilitating highlight accessible in Hippo Video is its capacity to consequently transcode videos. Transcoding is the way toward changing over videos into various forms and configurations to coordinate the traits of explicit gadgets and give clients a consistent video playback experience. The video showcasing stage applies transcoding to create video goals improved for different clients relying upon their Internet speed.

ᐅ Share And Distribute Video Contents Online

Sharing and disseminating videos utilizing Hippo Video is, similarly, easy. Clients can share videos in various manners. One path is by producing a video interface which they can post on person to person communication destinations or send through email. They can likewise transfer videos to video stages like YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Suite. On the off chance that they need to install a video onto a site, page, or application, that is conceivable also.

ᐅ Sparkle Video Engagements

Video commitment is an incredible component remembered for the video showcasing stage. This element helps clients in ensuring that watchers and crowds can collaborate with video substance and offered approaches to share what they think and feel about the videos they are viewing. Since videos can be shared on long range interpersonal communication destinations like Facebook, watchers can include remarks videos. Clients, at that point, can react back to start cooperations.

Notices are likewise consequently conveyed so clients are cautioned at whatever point their videos are being viewed or when watchers are remarking on videos. Along these lines, advertisers can find how individuals are drawing in with their videos, comprehend their responses, input, sentiments, and contemplations; and think of choices quicker.

ᐅ Video Marketing Analytics

Hippo Video conveys all the fundamental information advertising groups and experts need with the end goal for them to quantify and examine the exhibition of their video showcasing efforts just as addition bits of knowledge into video commitment.

The stage creates measurements and details that assist them with deciding what number of the crowds they attempted to connect really viewed the videos, to what extent they played and viewed the videos, what number of them left a positive remark or input and shared the videos on the web, and what number of the crowds who viewed the videos changed over as supporters or purchasers.

They can likewise check which explicit geographic areas are driving higher video commitment. Besides, video promoting effort execution and video commitment can be assessed at the watcher level. Here, clients will have the option to discover the quantity of call-to-activities a specific watcher has clicked and the video substance that the person is generally keen on.


⭐ Give your teams the superpower of videos.

Hippo Video integrates with all your favourite tools. Enable your team to close more deals, generate more leads and delight more customers with videos.

Hippo Video marketing & sales video platform for business
Hippo Video marketing & sales video platform for business

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Hippo Video marketing & sales video platform for business
A video personalization and distribution platform that helps enterprise businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals through seamless video workflows.

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