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Heroic Public Speaking | Skillwise

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Public speaking can seem intimidating, but chances are you’ll have to deliver a speech or presentation at some point in your career. So, it’s in your best interest to get the hang of it now. Led by New York Times bestselling business author Michael Port and seasoned actress Amy Port, Heroic Public Speaking takes you through engaging, persuading, and inspiring your audience, no matter the size. You’ll treat your presentation like a performance and develop the skills to handle pre-show nerves, engage your audience in real-time, and much more as you make your way through the course.

  • Access 23 lectures & 10.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Craft an engaging presentation that feels more like a performance rather than a speech
  • Discover a system for engaging, persuading & inspiring your audience, no matter the size
  • Walk through structuring a presentation w/ tips on incorporating cliff-hangers, using humor & more


Michael Port has been called an “uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe, a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal and a “sales guru” by The Financial Post (which is remarkable given that he may be the only former professional actor to be a New York Times bestselling business author). He’s written five books including Book Yourself Solid, Beyond Booked Solid, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, The Contrarian Effect and The Think Big Manifesto.

Amy Port is the Director of Training for Heroic Public Speaking. After earning her MFA in Acting from The Yale School of Drama, she spent years acting professionally in theaters such as Seattle Repertory, Oregon Shakespeare and Yale Rep, and working consistently in commercials. Amy has assisted the Speech faculty at Yale Drama, taught acting in multiple summer sessions at Northwestern University, and has spent the last fifteen years mentoring teachers and speakers in bringing the hard skills of performance to their craft.

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