If you want to start your journey in the cloud and sell your products and / or services, you have to buy a namecheap domain and hosting.

Your namecheap domain and hosting will be your only identity, a kind of digital ID that you communicate to people to reach your website.

There are no two people on the internet with the same domain name.

It will be a .com, .es, .eu, .org…

What you want.

Well, not everything is the same.

By the way, if you have doubts, I recommend you read this definitive guide on how to choose your Namecheap Domain and Hosting. This way you will avoid common mistakes that can end up being expensive.

It is the first thing a person sees when they enter your website. So I won’t repeat it more times: It makes a good impression!

To start, what you will have to do is register your Namecheap Domain and Hosting. And you can’t register it anywhere.

Today I present Namecheap .

What is Namecheap?

ICANN is the only entity that is responsible for registering the names of web domains.

However, to handle the procedures between ICANN and the final buyer, there are many intermediary companies that work as accredited.

One of them is Namecheap , based in Los Angeles and voted in 2012 as “The Most Popular Domain Name Registry”.

Namecheap stands out among its competition for four factors:

Very competitive prices , cheaper than the most common options in Spain.
Protection of your privacy . If you don’t want your competitors to know which Namecheap Domain and Hosting you have purchased. You can do it. No additional cost the first year.

A bulletproof DNS management. Always available and safe.

Price transparency . You will not meet any surprise at the end of the purchase process.

No stupid Upsell that makes you end up paying $ 49 to buy a domain.

Not bad at all, right?

Namecheap Domain and Hosting is for you…

If you are a craftsman, freelance or company and you are serious about your business, you need a digital brand to promote your products and services.

If you are a blogger and know that having a free blog for your business is not a good idea.

Namecheap Domain Name Price

Their prices, as you can see, in the following table are very competitive.

What is the price
What is the price

As you can see in the table, the more years registered in Namecheap the lower the price you pay per year .

Buying a domain for 5 years will cost you € 38.22 (€ 37.56 + € 0.66 for an ICANN charge)

You forget about expiration dates and other pains until 2019 .

Don’t laugh, I know very famous bloggers who have forgotten to renew their domain and have been about to lose it.

What are the extras included in the price?

When buying a Namecheap Domain and Hosting, meeting certain extras is always a point in favor. Especially if these are related to security or privacy settings .

Among the pluses of Namecheap you will find:

  • Whois protection service activated . This way you will not expose your name, address, email and telephone to spammers or any online scammer company.
  • Trusted and customizable DNS. Free Namecheap gives custom name servers.
  • 100% free email .
  • A very simple purchase process .
  • An effective and fast chat support , as long as you speak English. They are fast and efficient

How to buy a domain in Namecheap

The first thing you will have to do is go to Namecheap.com to the domains section.

Another option is to put in the main box of the Home the domain you want to register. click below

Domain Names for $0.8

Get Domain & Hosting at one place with Namecheap!

Namecheamp will verify the availability of your domain and in case it is not available it will give you more options to register.

Check if the domain you want is available. Once you choose the one you need, click on the purchase button and it will add to your order.

In order to avoid due dates and other fees mentioned, Namecheap allows you to make the payment and automatic renewal from the beginning .

You are 1 to 10 years old, you pay and you forget.

You are 1 to 10 years old, you pay and you forget.

The fourth step will be to create an account in which you will give all your data and make the final payment.

The purchase process is very fast and simple. I don’t think it takes you more than 5 minutes to do it.

You already have your new domains ready to release !

How to configure your domain DNS to point to your server?

You have your name registered in Namecheap.

And now that?

Now you have to configure the DNS of your domain.

This means redirecting your domain to the hosting plan you have chosen, so that it points to the Hostgator servers (if you are looking for low cost hosting and you master English) and / or Webempresa (if you prefer a higher quality solution with great support in Spanish).

It is very simple:

Step 1 – Access your Namecheap account

The first thing you will have to do is access your account. You will have to click on the first section “Number of domains in your account”.

Step 2 – Select the name of your domain.

It will take you to this screen where you will have to click on the name of your domain.

STEP 3 – Transfer your DNS to your server (NameServers / Custom)

In the menu on the left you will find «Nameservers» click on that section.

STEP 4 – Enter the names of your servers

On the next page you will see fields to enter the names of the servers that your hosting provider sent you when you created your WordPress hosting in Spanish .

Normally they are two subdomains of your host’s domain, and they are included in the welcome email you receive, just when you create your hosting account (DNS Server Names or Server Names)

An example:

Box 1: YYYY.namecheap.com
Box 2: XXXX.namecheap.com

When you add these domains, save your new settings.

Your domain already points to your chosen hosting plan!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It may take up to 48 hours to spread your DNS. Patience then!

And why buy my domain in Namecheap and not in my hosting company?

It is an excellent question.

Namecheap is the cheapest domain name in the world because the online charge you $8 per year to renew your domain where most of other companye charge $15 to $20 per renew.

You should know that Webempresa boys give you your domain the first year. In this case, it is harder to resist the offer.

In Hostgator you will have to pay your domain and it will cost you about $ 2.25 dollars