Froggyads.com Scam Reviews – Company Advertisers should Avoid

Froggyads.com claim they have > Push ads – 11 billion impressions daily (Minimum CPC $0.003), Native ads – 2 billion impressions daily (Minimum CPM $0.10), Display ads – 5 billion impressions daily (Minimum CPM $0.10), Pop traffic – 750 million impressions daily (Minimum CPV $0.0001), Audience/RON traffic – 2 billion impressions daily (Minimum CPV $0.0001).

Today i am going to show you that as an oline advertiser never buy any kind of traffic from froggyads.com, this Indian company is a total fraud and scam with fake bot traffic using rotate proxy and vpn to send traffic to customer, and this non reputation compay the focus more on stealing customers than giving a better service and when you ask them your refund they say ” I WILL NEVER REFUND YOU”. company like that i dont recommended you invest your money in buy them those fake traffic they provide.

I jump on froggyads i see they claim providing billions of daily impression every day and i decide to test their adnetwork as an advertiser so i deposited $25 at 9:00 pm and i started to run a campaign arround 10:00 pm so when i woked up next day at 6:am in the morning i checked my froggyads account i saw tha i recieve 400+ click and the $25 has been spent so i decided to check all my analytics stats and some other earning account to see if i earn some think and tracked all those click to see, on all my stats i check i only recieve less than -120 click to the url i was running the campaign, i check some some of my source earning no earning check google analytics i had less that -40 session and less -45 views, on my wordpress dashboard the url report 117 views.

Froggyads.com Scam Reviews - Company Advertisers should Avoid
Froggyads.com Scam Reviews - Company Advertisers should Avoid
Froggyads.com Scam Reviews - Company Advertisers should Avoid

In less than 6 hours froggyads run my campaign and steal the money and i contact them for a refund they just told me they ”WILL NEVER REFUND ME” and they start insulting me and they even close my froggyads account with arroun 1 dollar in my balance. They create their policy for their own benefit to scam and steal customers, FROGGYADS.COM is a big fraud.

Froggyads.com Scam Reviews - Company Advertisers should Avoid
 Froggy Ads - Reviews

You can those screenshot below FROGGYADS.COM is a company with no reputation they only want to steal your money providing bot traffic, when you contact them for refund the will fight with you and they will refuse to refund, its because most of those traffic company provide fake fraffic and they invest the money in buy rotate proxy and vpn to send you those click using a bot. NEVER BUY TRAFFIC FROM FROGGYADS if you dont want to loose your money. check below this compay fighting for $25 bucks imagine if for $100 bucks they kill you, like they claim having billions of impressions daily so why they cant refund $25 to a customer to avoid any kind of misunderstanding as a bad company with no reputation they prefer fighting with cosumer instead of take care of their reputation.

All those ip are fake they are coming from vpn and rotate proxy and repeat more than two time most of them

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