Tips on where to find good lists of low cholesterol foods without having to pay for them.

Confused on what low cholesterol foods are available? Do you like to know what choices you have?

Some online sites provide people with a free list of low cholesterol foods. Aside from that, they also give you other good suggestions on how to reduce your numbers besides changing your eating habits. A number of these sites provide you healthy substitutes for those high-cholesterol foods.


Online sites showcase a free list of low cholesterol foods from soup to entrees to side dishes to desserts. A good site would be www.2heartdisease.com because it provides patients complete meal suggestions.

www.mealsforyou.com is a top choice for a free list of low cholesterol foods because aside from the cholesterol content or the absence of it, fat, calorie and carbohydrate contents are also shown.

www.all-about-lowering-cholesterol.com gives you not only a free list of low cholesterol foods but thorough meal plans. You get good tips on what to eat from breakfast to snacks to lunch and dinner. A discussion on how to prepare your foods can be found in a lot of health websites including www.loweringcholesterol.net. The following cooking methods according to these sites say that baking, broiling, using microwave, poaching, grilling, roasting on a rack, and stir-frying or sautéing using small amounts of vegetable oil will be able to produce foods with lower saturated fat contents.

As discussed on health articles, foods from animals have high cholesterol content namely liver and eggs. Since the body produces just about sufficient cholesterol needed to function properly, excess cholesterol from outside sources are not necessary. Foods from plants do not contain cholesterol. A free list of low cholesterol foods that is available online will give you a more in-depth discussion on what needs to be eaten and what you should do away with.

One site you would certainly find interesting is www.lowfatweekly.com. It provides a free list of low cholesterol foods from favorite recipes especially modified to substitute some ingredients with healthier stuff. This site proves that searching for a free list of low cholesterol foods doesn’t mean preparing yourself and your taste buds to some really tasteless foods.

If you need to get your cholesterol numbers down, your doctor will be able to give you a free list of low cholesterol foods that is well-suited to help you reach the desired level. Along with some suggested physical activity, this change in eating pattern is indeed your best tool to saving your heart. Furthermore, visits to helpful sites online will prove that a low cholesterol diet doesn’t necessarily mean adapting to tasteless and disgusting foods.

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