End of magento not end for dropshipper BIGCOMMERCE your only Survival

Bigcommerce is an online SaaS service that makes it easy to create and customize your own professional online store – without the knowledge and writing of code, as well as design skills.

Online stores on Bigcommerce are integrated with Facebook, foreign trading platforms PriceGrabber, Shopping.com, Shopzilla and others, as well as eBay auction. Supports mobile commerce, that is, correctly displayed in mobile devices Apple, Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre.

It has many built-in design templates, as well as complete possibilities to individually change the appearance of the online store. This is not all features of BigCommerce, most are below.

End of magento not end for dropshipper BIGCOMMERCE your only Survival

Founded in 2003, the company has two offices – one in Austin, Texas USA, and one in Sydney, Australia. This online service serves companies in more than 65 countries, on the basis of it created more than 25,000 operating online stores. The company’s basic philosophy is simplicity and reliability. Today it is the most popular service abroad in the field of e-commerce.

Magento will END stor owner LIFE but BIGCOMMERCE will make it easy for you ro migrate your store to the Best E-commerce platform.

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Magento End of Life: Your Only Survival is BIGCOMMERCE

Magento CMS was released in March 2008. To date, this CMS has won the title of one of the most popular content management systems for online stores in the world. It should be noted that since 2011 the owner of the company that developed this CMS is the American company eBay. Therefore, Magento CMS as a platform for their online stores use companies such as Olympus, 20th Century Fox, Time Out and many others. Currently, this platform operates more than 250,000 sites around the world.

What will the Risk for store if you dont migrate before June 1, 2020

End of magento not end for dropshipper BIGCOMMERCE your only Survival

Your risk of a data breach will increase Magento 1 users will become a security target after June 1, 2020. The damage to your brand and reputation from such a breach can be long-lasting.

If you continue using Magento 1 after June 1, without additional security measures, you may no longer comply with this Requirement as Magento will stop releasing security patches. As a result you can be fined between 10,000 and 25,000 EUR per month by card schemes.

What you need to do

Another platform Before June 1, 2020, you will need to migrate to either. click the button below to migrate your store today.

The opportunities and benefits of BigCommerce

Complete control of the design of the online store. Bigcommerce has no limitations in terms of design change. If you’re new, you can use built-in templates (101 pieces) and change the look of the online store with the help of drag-and-drop designer, that is, the usual mouse dragging of page elements. Professional web designers have full access to HTML and CSS settings with a built-in web file editor or FTP.

BigCommerce social sale

Doing sales on Facebook. Bigcommerce SocialShop 2 allows you to sell on the social network Facebook. Users can search, select and compare products, write reviews, manage orders, buy gift certificates, and more while staying on Facebook. All this is possible with the SocialShop 2 app, which is free on all Bigcommerce plans.

Bigcommerce broshenniy zakazRecovery of abandoned orders. If for any reason the buyer of your online store has given up the order, and does not complete the purchase, the day after that he receives a letter with an offer to complete the purchase. If the customer refuses, after a while he again receives an offer to complete the purchase. Everything happens automatically, and this feature can be easily configured or turned off. The seller receives a full report on completed and unfinished orders.

BigCommerce multi marketing

Exports of products to trading platforms such as Beso, BizRate, MySimon, NexTag, PriceGrabber, Shopping.com and Shopzilla. This feature will be interesting for those who conduct sales abroad. Millions of users pass through these trading platforms and make hundreds of thousands of purchases. Bigcommerce allows you to export goods to these sites automatically.

Bigcommerce Email MarketingAutomated Marketing by Email. Imagine someone buying a T-shirt from your online store. After a week, the buyer receives a 20% discount coupon for the purchase of suitable trousers. Then, two weeks later, the buyer receives a letter with a 20% discount coupon to purchase another suitable type of accessory, such as a hat. All of this can be done automatically with integration with iContact. You can define the rules yourself to add customer addresses to the newsletter and bonuses, based on clothing types, brands, and so on. Once set up, the system works automatically.

Unlimited photo uploading to products. You can add an unlimited number of photos of the product and show them in the online store in the form of a galleryBigcommerce super zoom images. Miniature photos will be created automatically. Visitors can see a larger version that can be displayed in a pop-up or in a lightbox-style window.

A large number of images of the product allows the buyer to better navigate with the purchase in the online store.

Bigcommerce also has a Super’oOMTM feature that allows you to view any image of the product in detail, like “under a magnifying glass.”

Bigcommerce mobile commerceMobile commerce and mobile device support. The number of mobile devices is growing, as is the number of purchases made with them. Don’t lose customers because of this. Bigcommerce includes built-in support for Apple mobile devices (iPad, iPhone), as well as Android, Blackberry and Palm Pre devices. A full view of the products is available for the user, and you can buy the product in just a few clicks.

BigCommerce ebay

Sales at eBay auction. With Bigcommece, you can automatically export your products for sale at eBay. Just a few clicks can make a list of products for sale at auction and the date of their display. If the product was bought at auction, the order in your online store is created automatically. There are no restrictions on the number of products on display.

Bigcommerce product optionsAppropriation of additional parameters for products. For items such as clothing, computers, appliances, and so on, you can assign additional options such as color, weight, volume, size, power, etc. The number of parameters and their values is not limited. Each product with unique characteristics can assign its price, availability and more. You can also create customizable fields that a customer must fill out when buying, such as engraving text for iPod.Bigcommerce control inventory

Automatic inventory management. Allows you to keep records of goods in the warehouse. If the number drops to zero, it makes the item unavailable for the Order. The seller can specify the minimum balance of items in the warehouse, at which he will receive an automatic reminder from the system.

Bigcommerce product returns flexible system of return and exchange of goods. If the customer is not satisfied with the product, he can go into his office and send a request for a refund. In return, you can offer a refund, a replacement, a store loan and more.

BigCommerce seo

Search engine optimization. Bigcommerce includes all the necessary SEO tools to position the online store in the top search engine issuance positions. If necessary, you can create unique headlines, descriptions, CNC, keywords to products, categories, news, and alt-to-photos.

The ability to create advertising banners. You can create advertising banners at the top and bottom of any online store page with customer information about various promotions (sales, discounts, etc.).

Coupons and gift certificates. With coupons and gift certificates, you can easily hold promotions and discounts. You can design various bonus coupons that give a discount, and customers of the online store can keep an eye on their savings discounts, gift certificates and bonus balances from their personal account.

BigCommerce’s flaws

Despite the breadth of possibilities, BigCommerce is not perfect. First, because it is SaaS-technology, that is, an online service. In this sense, you are forever attached to it, from the moment of the beginning of cooperation. Move to another service provider, in case of any problems will be problematic, because, will have to create a new online store, with the capabilities of BigCommerce, and it is not cheap. Of course, there is nothing perfect and permanent in this world, especially on the Internet, so if today the capabilities of BigCommerce suit you, then Bigcommerce supportiscanicans can work with it.

Secondly, for Russian-speaking users BigCommerce will be difficult to master, as it does not have Russian-language support and documentation.

Also, Bigcommerce is not suitable for the Russian-speaking audience of users because there is no integration with Russian payment systems (e.g. Yandex Money, zIWI, etc.).

Thirdly, BigCommerce can only be modified visually, that is, you can not change the source code to the needs of the business, and this is a big drawback, because the features that you did not know yesterday, may need today, and in this case you will not be able to do so Connect.

BigCommerce tariff plans

In total, BigCommerce has five tariff plans. The minimum (Bronze) costs $24.95 per month. Includes the ability to 100 products and 200MB of space. The maximum tariff (Diamond) costs $299.95, has no restrictions on use within the capabilities of the service itself.

End of magento not end for dropshipper BIGCOMMERCE your only Survival

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