Ecwid create online store in 5 minutes

Ecwid is a cloud-based, responsive design platform that offers the easiest way to add an online store to any website.

Ecwid, for starters, is not like most others. E-commerce platforms we have reviewed before But again, it turns out that Ecwid is not so different when it comes to online sales functionalities. Very contradictory when you think about it.

So what is Ecwid, and what is the difference between Ecwid and other e-commerce platforms?

Ecwid is a platform used by more than 1 million merchants in 175 countries. With Ecwid, you get everything you need to start selling online in minutes. Easily embedded in any web presence and major POS systems, you can market, market and sell products and services from multiple online stores with mobile device management and the integration of points of sale anywhere, anytime.

Ecwid create online store in 5 minutes

? What is ecwid?

Ecwid E-commerce is the only freemium platform in the market and allows merchants to sell forever in a free plan. In addition to Ecwid’s omnichannel capabilities, it is the platform that can be effectively integrated into any CMS or site creator (such as WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Joomla or anywhere that accepts javascript) allowing merchants to retain their investment in their platform original.

In other words, you don’t have to create a completely new website. Simply deploy Ecwid on any platform, CMS or social network (in five minutes) and you will be ready. It is really that simple.

For someone who knows the difficulties that arise when trying to migrate websites, especially when it comes to electronic commerce, I am always excited about solutions like Ecwid .

You can bet that I have already tried it on different types of websites.

Make shopping easier by offering customers who drag and drop products in your cart a clear and quick view of your product list. Allow customers the option to create a profile or enable the payment process without creating a profile for faster transactions. Customers can save addresses in their profiles to facilitate the purchase and delivery of future orders.

Also, offer customers the opportunity to look around your store and mark their “favorite” items to return later, while generating popular “favorites” for other buyers to see. Offer promotional prices, discount coupons, volume discounts and more to help generate more sales. With Ecwid add digital products to your store with the same ease as physical products.

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? In general, the Ecwid features you get include:

Customer Experience – Product reviews, favorite article button, check out as a guest or create an account, automatic tax calculations, real-time shipping rates, automatic language translation.

Store administration – SEO tools, analysis and reports, mobile store management application, recovery of abandoned cars, promotions and discounts, order management, inventory management, product options and attributes, sale of digital items.

Omnichannel Sales – Store for iOS and Android buyers, in-person sales, market integrations, social network integrations, sale on various websites.

? Ecwid Review: prices

Free plan – $ 0 forever for Google Shopping, Facebook advertising, Facebook pixels, sold simultaneously on several sites, a store is added to any website, startup site and unlimited bandwidth, which covers 10 products.

Risk plan – $ 15 per month billed monthly, or $ 12.50 per month billed annually for chat support, Google Shopping, Facebook advertising, Facebook pixels, advanced SEO tools, inventory management, access to App Market extensions , simultaneous sale on multiple sites, automated tax calculations, discount coupons, adding a store to any website, startup site and unlimited bandwidth, covering 100MB per digital file plus 100 products.

Business Plan – $ 35 per month billed monthly, or $ 29.17 per month billed annually for telephone and chat support, automatic recovery of abandoned cars, 2 personnel accounts, eBay integration, product variations, product filters, Google Shopping , Facebook advertising, Facebook pixels, advanced SEO tools, inventory management, access to App Market extensions, simultaneous sale on multiple sites, automated tax calculations, discount coupons, abandoned cart savings, add a store to Any website, startup site and unlimited bandwidth, covering 1GB per digital file plus 2500 products.

Unlimited Plan – $ 99 per month billed monthly, or $ 82.50 per month billed annually for priority support, telephone and chat support, Square POS integration, automatic recovery of abandoned cars, 2 staff accounts, eBay integration, product variations , product filters, Google Shopping, Facebook advertising, Facebook pixels, advanced SEO tools, inventory management, application access Market extensions, simultaneous multi-site sales, automated tax calculations, discount coupons, savings Abandoned cart, adding a store to any website, startup site and unlimited bandwidth, which covers 10GB per digital file plus unlimited products.

? Dropshipping with Ecwid

After all, Ecwid was apparently built for more than one business approach. It is fully capable of going beyond the standard model of direct product sales, to support dynamic e-commerce merchants.

Case in point: if acting as an intermediary between buyers and suppliers is your kind of thing, for example, Ecwid can be useful for dropshipping .

But, here is the thing. You can do better by integrating an application dropshipping from the Ecwid application store. Fortunately, there are several options for different types of dropshipping companies.

The most versatile can effectively coordinate among numerous customers and more than 100 suppliers in a single Ecwid drop shipping store. You can easily configure products, communicate with suppliers, track compliance plus shipping, synchronize your data accordingly and much more.

? The Ecwid application market

Adding application extensions is a sure way to increase or customize your e-commerce site in a reasonable way. And that is why Ecwid comes with its own App Market , which presents a wide range of decent applications for merchants who wish to expand their functionality.

In addition to the typical e-commerce tools, you can get add-ons for reward schemes, customer service, accounting, analysis, shipping, product management, dropshipping and store management.

Although some of them can be installed for free, the best Ecwid application options are priced. And if you’re curious about their corresponding price ranges, The price structure for the Ecwid application market is quite diverse. . Some applications charge a single fee, while others come with a monthly subscription system or, in some cases, commission-based prices.

What you choose in the end will depend on your specific needs and budget.

? Marketing’s Ecwid SEO

Although Ecwid advocates is a third-party solution for your current site, it makes a decent effort to improve your overall SEO position. You can, for starters, define your product plus the SEO meta-descriptions of the page. Then, Ecwid even helps you to previously complete the relevant fields.

Unfortunately, you don’t get the advanced SEO editing capabilities by default. However, on the positive side, you would normally have to implement additional SEO and marketing tools to really get the word out.

On the other hand, Google now indexes AJAX sites. So, All Ecwid stores are indexed by Google without any additional effort. . It becomes even better with WordPress sites, as you get access to additional SEO add-ons and the default search engine functionality in the panel.

Then, when it comes to sales promotions, Ecwid offers recovery tools for abandoned cars, along with volume discounts, discount codes and promotional prices. You can configure additional discounts, but that would require you to integrate relevant extensions.

? How does Ecwid compare with other e-commerce platforms?

Ecwid vs Shopify

Ecwid, for starters, is essentially an extension of e-commerce that allows you to transform a normal site into an online store. Shopify, on the other hand, is basically a complete closed-source e-commerce platform that allows you to create an online store from scratch and before hosting it on the platform.

In a nutshell, therefore, Shopify is considered a powerful all-terrain creator of e-commerce websites (which includes an e-commerce hosting solution ), while Ecwid addresses website owners who simply want sales features Complementary online on their sites.

? Ecwid vs Wix

Wix is ​​one of the most dominant website creators in the market today. You can use it to create your own website and then host it on the platform, as it possibly embeds online sales extensions.

In contrast, Ecwid users have their own websites before they even consider taking advantage of Ecwid. And while Ecwid is an e-commerce solution in good faith, Wix is ​​just a website creator that supports a wide range of e-commerce integrations.

? Ecwid vs BigCommerce

BigCommerce is very similar to Shopify. It is a complete electronic commerce platform with website creation and hosting features. However, it blocks your website on the platform as soon as it is put into operation.

Well, Ecwid can’t match BigCommerce when it comes to e-commerce functionalities. And that, when you think about it, makes Ecwid less complicated.

All in all, Ecwid is suitable for new businesses and small business merchants who already own websites, while BigCommerce is designed for growing companies that are establishing online stores from scratch.

? Ecwid Pros and Cons

? Ecwid Pros

  • The free Ecwid plan comes with decent features.
  • There is a starter site package for merchants without websites.
  • Ecwid accommodates dropshipping companies.
  • Ecwid provides add-ons for integration with many of the dominant web hosting platforms.
  • Ecwid is quite sensitive.
  • You can set up a multilingual online store in Ecwid.
  • Ecwid is compatible with GDPR
  • Ecwid offers a wide range of e-commerce features at considerably reasonable plan prices.
  • You can take advantage of Ecwid POS functionality to install a complementary offline store.
  • The Ecwid application store offers a range of useful e-commerce applications.

? Cons Ecwid

  • The free Ecwid Plan does not offer SEO editing capabilities.
  • It is impossible to edit the URLs of your products for SEO purposes.
  • Ecwid does not support AMP versions of the product page.
  • You cannot build a complete e-commerce website in Ecwid.
  • Telephone support is only available to premium subscribers.

? Ecwid Reviews: Final thoughts

Obviously, Ecwid is not a comprehensive e-commerce platform and you cannot build an online store or host one in Ecwid . Even the Start Site option is a very limited version of a storefront.

But, Ecwid is extremely reliable if you already have a website. And it is quite simple. Simply integrate it as a complement and you will end up with a fairly elegant store at a very reasonable price.

Simply put, Ecwid facilitates electronic commerce for small dynamic merchants who need flexible omnichannel trading capabilities.

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