Easy Steps to Change Your Bad Food Habits

We all have certain foods that we love to eat even when eating too much is bad. These are most often comfort foods that are hard to give up. If you are making food choices that aren’t the best, here are some suggestions for making changes.

You have probably sabotaged your eating habits once or twice. You didn’t intend to but it just so happened that you had that last box of chocolate cookies in the cupboard. Since you know they are there, you’ll be more likely to reach for them when stressed or you think you are hungry.

Easy Steps to Change Your Bad Food Habits

Before you fret, there is hope for all of us. Use the following steps to turn those hard to get rid of habits into winning techniques for weight-loss success.

1. Never go to the grocery store hungry. This is another sabotaging method. You might be saying to yourself that you are only going into the grocery store for a few things. With your stomach rumbling, you are prone to abandon the pack of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for fried chicken wings at the deli.

2. Don’t snack while cooking. This is a habit many of us have, especially around the holidays. Instead of eating a proper meal or a snack, you nibble on the good things in the kitchen. Even if you are cooking a healthier meal, you can eat too much before the meal is even served.

3. Change one habit at a time. Let’s say that you love full-fat ice cream and eating macaroni and cheese. Give up one thing at a time. To wean yourself, try a lower fat alternative. This way you can keep eating a lower fat version of that food. Don’t go cold turkey.

4. See a therapist. A therapist such as a hypnotherapist can help you to understand why this habit is so addictive. Hypnotherapy is used to help people to get rid of their bad or annoying habits through a series of positive suggestions implanted in your mind during your sessions.

5. Make a plan. It is not enough to say that you will change your bad eating habits. That is a vague statement that gets you nowhere. You have to write it down and commit to it. For example, say that you will begin eating whole grains instead of white bread, or using lower fat dairy products over full-fat ones with more calories.

6. Keep a food journal. Record everything that you eat for a week. When you go back to it you may be amazed at all of the sweet, salty or fatty foods you consumed. Use the journal to create a list of the foods that are and are not healthy for you so you can make a plan to make changes.

We don’t always make the best food choices. Use the suggestions here to get in the habit of eating healthier.

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