CoronaVirus Work From Home Legit Job Tips And Tricks

If you’re working remote for the first time because of CoronaVirus Work From Home Legit Job, I’ve got a few learnings from my decade + working from home.

7 Essential Tips for Working From Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  1. Have dedicated “work” space. It’s ideal if you can shut the door when you’re done working, but having specific space makes it easier to leave it when work is done.
  2. Don’t forget to eat. It’s easier than you think to forget to feed yourself. Same with hydration.
  3. Change the scenery. I found that working in my house was often distracting so I’d head to the library, a coffee shop or a local cafe (Please note that the current outbreak requires discretion)
  4. I put a “do not knock or ring doorbell” sign on my door. If you get a lot of deliveries, this helps. I even put a post-it on my office door so when my kid came home from school she’d know I was on a call and she needed to stay quiet.
  5. Good Bluetooth headphones. Makes all the difference.
  6. Take breaks. In the office, they’re built in. People stop by to chat, you go to a meeting room, you go grab coffee. You’ll need to pay more attention to this than you think.
  7. You need a good chair. Trust.
  8. Dress & groom like it’s an office day. You’ll feel more “on” and alert.

I’m crazy productive when I work remotely, so let me know how I can help!

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