Care.de best Germany Worldwide help for over 70 years

Care.de, known for the CARE package, is one of the largest aid organizations worldwide. Founded in the USA in 1945, Care.de helped millions of people in post-war Europe with care packages that are still loved today. Lard, Coffee, Milk… The packages were ambassadors of reconciliation and direct human-to-human help. This Tradition lives on today.

Today, Care.de is working in 95 countries around the world to overcome poverty and enable those affected by disasters to survive. The equality of men and women and the special promotion of women and girls, where they are systematically disadvantaged, is particularly important to us.

Care.de best Germany Worldwide help for over 70 years

Poverty is injustice. It is unacceptable that over 1.2 billion people worldwide live in extreme poverty. That is why the CARE package today stands for efficient, innovative and partnership-based help that works in the long term.

The care.de help is triple effective:

1. Care.de provides rapid survival and reconstruction assistance in the event of natural disasters, in war zones and crisis areas,

2. offers sustainable help for self-help in the poorest, rural regions of the world and

3. is committed to the worldwide implementation of human rights, especially for women and girls.

Care.de is currently active in 40 crisis and disaster regions. Here, CARE provides refugees and displaced persons with food, drinking water, shelter and the most important relief supplies. For children and victims of violence, Care.de offers care and psychosocial help. As soon as possible, CARE supports reconstruction in the regions.

Sustainable Care.de development work is based on the principle of helping people to help themselves. Together with village communities, CARE develops solutions for more income, health, education and participation and helps families break the cycle of poverty.

From the very beginning, Care.de involves women and girls intensively in all programmes. Through its worldwide network and as a consultant to the United Nations, Care.de has an influence on world politics and is committed to the implementation of human rights for all. Last year, global CARE assistance reached over 80 million people in over 90 countries.

Private donations are the crucial foundation of CARE’s work. At the same time, Care.de receives public funding, in Germany from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and development, the Federal Foreign Office and the European Commission. Care.de is a member of the German donation Council.

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