Capitalist Exploits Review – Claims of 5X to 10X, 100% to 1000%+ returns

Maybe you've stumbled upon some of the clever, clever marketing making its way around sites like Zero Hedge or Investing.com

When it comes to gurus and market advice, there is no shortage of services available to investors.

The fact of the matter is that we all want to become better, to invest more effectively to stay ahead of the curve and make money .

Isn’t it a dream to invest, earn big profits, and prepare yourself and your family for life?

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon some of the clever, clever marketing making its way around sites like Zero Hedge or Investing.com.

Or perhaps a friend or fellow trader sent you an interesting note with the statement “+ 1000% profit” and mumbled about “asymmetric risk / reward investment opportunities”.

Capitalist Exploits Review – Claims of 5X to 10X, 100% to 1000%+ returns

As an astute investor, you should have at least looked at the claims for yourself.

In this review, we will take a detailed look at an investment Advisory company that promises huge profits – just sign up, learn, and trade with experts from Capitalist Exploits .

At the helm of the service is Chris McIntosh, less of a captain and more of a respected leader. His storied past and claims to a deep knowledge of the market made people fork out a lot of money to learn at his feet.

In our review, we will look at capitalist exploits, good, bad, and ugly.

As a disclaimer, we didn’t get access to the sections intended only for Chris subscribers, so we won’t be able to hide, but we can still help you decide if this service is right for you.

  • Investment and trading advice service
  • Claims of 5X to 10X, 100% to 1000%+ returns
  • Tiered subscription service
  • Assets Traded: Natural resources, options, bitcoin, commodities
  • Investors forum with 450 members
  • Newsletter boasting 20,000 plus members
  • Key people: Chris MacIntosh, Jamie Keech

What Are Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits is an investment Advisory service offered by Chris McIntosh, an analyst-turned-investor, as well as a financial guru and his team of professional investors.

Working in vast regions, Chris and his team are busy looking for opportunities that offer stellar returns.

Customers are offered three levels to choose from. The first level consists of free content on the site, a newsletter, and a blog consisting of trading recommendations, opinions, market analysis, and so On.

The second level is “Insider”, the flagship service offered to the client for a huge prepayment. The third and final level is Resource Insider, which focuses on early-stage investment opportunities in the natural resources sector.

The head of Resource Insider is Jamie Keach, a former engineer turned analyst and investor.

No matter what service you are on, the idea is that you will learn how to identify and trade these powerful asymmetric trading opportunities.

You will watch as Chris and his team show you how to make the deals they recommend.

To better understand what and who we are dealing with, let’s take a look at the company behind the bright site.

Who is who of the competitors

In the world of investment, there are probably hundreds of people, sites, and services willing to sell you advice on how to identify and make big deals.

In this review, we will focus on the three most popular services.

Each of them offers different approaches to approach and execute deals, but they all have one thing in common: a guru.

Investors Behind Capitalist Exploits

Capitalist Exploits considers itself an investment adviser managed by trading guru Chris McIntosh. Most of the work on the site and on the Internet is focused on positioning Chris as a successful investment wizard, able to find opportunities with huge returns.

Chris isn’t the only supposed stock wizard on the team. The company can boast of several other names that we will be included in.

Since you have to pay to find out what the Capitalist Exploits team has prepared, it’s better to ask: who are these people?

Chris McIntosh: investor, Fund Manager, adviser. Owner and Manager of capitalist exploits.


  • Former analyst: JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers, and Robert Fleming and Co.
  • Founded and sold real estate investment firm
  • Worked in early-stage investment capital (Seraph.vc)
  • Hedge fund manager, co-owner of Asymmetric Opportunities Fund
  • Founder, Capitalist Exploits
  • Active on Quora


  • Degree in engineering, worked for years as a geological and mining engineer
  • Worked for Canadian firms such as JDL Gold corps, Equinox Gold Corps, Canary Extractive Industries
  • Transitioned to the consulting and financial side of mining
  • Founder, Ivaldi Venture Capital (Vancouver)
  • Co-Founder of Resource Insider, Capitalist Exploits

Click Here To Join Capitalist Exploits

So now we’ve taken a look at the company and key players, let ‘s delve into the field and the promises of Chris and his team in Capitalist Exploits.

The Capitalist Will Exploit The Insider Newsletter

Chris and his team are convinced that we are at a turning point in history. This is a unique time in the financial markets.

The global economic and financial system is ready for unexpected changes. This transformation, as the Capitalist Exploits team suggests, provides huge opportunities for the experienced investor.

“Join us,” they say, to learn how to capitalize on impending seismic shifts. As in any turbulent time, it is possible to huge profits and losses.

Chris and his team are on a crusade to improve overall trading wisdom based on the belief that we live in an exceptional time in history.

They position capitalist exploits as a Wake-up call for those investors who feel that the old ways of investing are dead, but who do not have a clear vision for future investment.

The idea that drives Capitalist Exploits is the idea of asymmetric trading opportunities. In short, this is a trade with a distorted risk-to-profit ratio.

Ideally, this means any deal with huge growth potential and a small downside. Chris argues that markets in turmoil provide many opportunities for huge rewards.

Chris and his team believe they can lead you to great opportunities.

The idea of asymmetric trading is at the heart of many of the promises of capitalist exploits, so to understand the promises of Chris and his team, we need to understand what they mean.

The possibility of asymmetric trade: what’s the buzz?

A quick Google search for asymmetric trading reveals many articles from trading sites. If we dig deep enough, we end up with the father of motivational advice: Tony Robbins.

In a previous speech titled “Invest like a multi-billionaire,” Robbins touts asymmetric risk rewards. Robbins says that the most profitable investors don’t risk $ 1 to earn 10%, they risk $ 1 to earn 500%.

The main idea that drives Chris and his team is that investors need to go outside and take advantage of opportunities that offer huge benefits relative to risk.

Emerging markets are a great place to look; however, the distorted markets that Chris and his team claim can actually generate huge profits.

Pros & Cons
As I spent a few days immersed in the Capitalist Exploits world, I found myself drawn in by their claim: asymmetric trading, huge gains, tailored reports, access to experts.

⭐ Pros

Service targets returns of from five to six times initial investment and minimizes losses and risk
An unconditional 30 day cancellation policy and money back guarantee.
Monthly webinars to keep you up to date.

⭐ Cons

No trial period. How do I know they offer a reputable service.
Subscription fees must be paid for a year upfront.

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