Cancer Nutrition the Importance Prevention and Treatment

The interestingly bizarre issues on cancer nutrition. Have you ever experienced doing something you thought was proper only to be told afterwards that it was not?

Like the contradicting issues on the evolution of man, cancer nutrition has its own share of arguments. One would wonder why. Is cancer nutrition not self-explanatory as it is? That is my exact sentiments. The National Cancer Institute says that about 35% of all cancers are associated with nutrition.

Cancer Nutrition the Importance Prevention and Treatment

The kind of lifestyle that a person has can contribute to his risk of getting cancer. Smoking, inactivity, and unhealthy eating patterns are said to greatly increase one’s chances of acquiring cancer. Cancer nutrition simply likes to convey the message that what we eat influences the kind of life we live.

Reading medical books and online sites on health will tell you that in order to fight cancer, one should adapt a cancer nutrition plan. This means increasing your intake of healthy foods and reducing the unhealthy ones.

So which foods are healthy?

Foods coming from plants are the most health-friendly. The phytonutrients in plants will help in the prevention of diseases and aid in the recovery of those who are already inflicted.

The cancer nutrition plan will make us do away with foods containing “empty” nutrients. These types of food may provide us with the best experiences on the table but will actually be harmful to our body. Thus, these food should be taken in as much as the food with real nutrients.

Some experts suggest the 80:20 ratio in your cancer nutrition plan. This means that 80% of the total food intake should come from foods high in nutrients while the 20% will come from those that are not.

An opposing study has made interesting headlines and created quite a stir in the medical scene. The said study claimed that a good nutrition will most probably help in cancer prevention, but it does not help fight the disease once you have it.

That is not the most interesting finding in the study though. What most people will find unbelievable is the result of the experiment that seems to point out about how cancer nutrition can actually hasten the growth of some cancers. The study suggests that a diet of raw fruits and vegetables are the most helpful tools to combat cancer.

These two conflicting stands on cancer nutrition are as opposite as night and day. People sick with cancer would want to load up on healthy products to get better, only to be presented with something that says he doesn’t have to. This just shows that our medical research still needs to discover more about cancer and its cure.

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