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Build a Language Learning Foundation with Matthew Youlden

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We all know learning a new language to be a daunting prospect. It’s hard to identify where to get started, what elements of speech to focus on, and how to get organized. The fear of making mistakes can be particularly crippling, preventing us from leaving our comfort zones and talking to native speakers. Join Matthew Youlden from Babbel to develop a cohesive plan for learning your new language. In this class, you’ll learn how to build a language learning foundation.

  • Access 17 lectures & 4.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Practice 10 minutes a day for a month to become conversational
  • Create a blueprint for learning, map your goals, & use your time effectively
  • Get access to a “Language Workbook for Beginners” to help you start to learn the language of your choice


Matthew Youlden is a man of many words – a linguist, lecturer, translator, interpreter, and polyglot from Manchester, England. Languages have shaped Matthew’s entire life, beginning when he first started learning languages as a child, to now working as a language specialist at Babbel, the industry’s leading language-learning app. At the age of eight, Matthew and his twin brother decided to learn Spanish for recreational fun, armed with only a phrasebook and a dictionary. After seeing how quickly they picked it up, the brothers went on to dedicate their lives to learning new languages. Today, Matthew and his brother have achieved world-wide fame as “The Superpolyglotbros,” using online videos to showcase their abilities to speak in over 20 languages.

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