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Bring your film in every CINEMA (video course)


Shipping time:10-20business days


Warranty:  30-day refund or replacement


Let’s be honest … You just landed here because you want to bring your movie to the big screen!!

Now you have finally finished your film and now have to create a DCP, so that the movie ever runs in the cinema. However, your budget is tight and you therefore want to do without expensive agencies.

Promise: You are now experiencing 3 revelations that will initially disappoint you and then make you happy. I’ll tell you now:

  • The nasty, naked truth about CINEMA.
  • What lies you are served by cinema agencies to make you dependent on them.
  • The only honest way you can realistically understand complex DCPs and get your audience excited around the world.

We would like to explain briefly why it is all the more important for us to be 100% honest with you and to tell you nothing but the truth.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of dangerous half-knowledge out there on the internet and an incredible number of gurus who are constantly nagging you with lies to convince you to buy expensive services and make you dependent on them …

However, it is even worse:

I’ll come to this shocking reality soon … but now: The only certified and serious way, with which you bring every film in the cinema safely to work:

There is only one way you can get any film on the movie or festival screen, claim other service providers. All the agencies and misinformation out there are just “lies” and thought-out “fairytale stories” that you want to simplify the following:

CINEMA works only if you use professional support as a service. Period. It does not work differently.

Cinema is a complex and self-contained unit. The big movie makers have teamed up to prevent manipulation and piracy. To be able to play a movie on any cinema system, the movie must be converted into a DCP (digital cinema package).

Brief overview of how you can play your film perfectly in the cinema.

Once your movie has been mastered as a DCP, any movie theater in the world can play your movie in the best sound and picture quality. For this, however, a DCP must first be created. Without DCP, no cinema server can read the data.

So that means: It does not work without DCP. There is only one way to get your movie to the screen in perfect quality. By converting your film to a so-called digital cinema package, guaranteeing high-resolution image quality and crystal-clear sound quality.

Those who want to tell you that your film with Bluray or USB stick like magic in the cinema can be played, they tell you simply fairytale stories. The rest, the rumors are all lies.

Worst of all, making a DCP is a science for many and is usually no fun.

  • Your friends and work colleagues advise you to high-paying agencies, which you supposedly want to save a lot of work.
  • Expertise is required to create a DCP: this means:
  • Less time for the daily business
  • Less budget for marketing
  • Less desire for an own cinema production
  • Failure and bad mood
  • Your discipline will be put to the test: You will have to give up your free time even though you have already spent so much time in your film.
  • For 90% of the people this is unfortunately the truth: Cinema is from yesterday, who goes to the cinema. I prefer to stay at home.
  • The second killer is already: You do not come to the cinema anyway, because nobody wants to see your movie!

The conclusion is relentless: It is a huge ordeal to get your own movie in the cinema and thus actually be successful.

How should you manage to get a movie in the cinema next to your job, friends, hobbies and family?

Of course it is possible, but at what price? We have told you that we will disappoint you first. But we also told you that you will be happy again … that comes now.

You have just heard:

  • 1. The unpleasant, bare truth about cinema and festival films.
  • 2. How the film agencies lie to you with all the services and fairytale stories.

Let us now come to the promised third point.

The following will open your eyes and make you happy. Promised.

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