Awin affiliate program best way to earn from your blog website Social Media or email list

$10,000 with a blog? For sure Awin Affiliate Program is the best way for small and large website can use to monetize their blog, website, social media, email list and more.

Without a doubt, it is the dream of many. And it is on Awin’s own website where they ensure that such amount can be earned.

Of course, it will depend on the traffic that you are able to generate and drive. ?

But, well you reach that figure (or not), it is clear that Awin is an interesting option for those who want to do affiliate marketing.

And because?

If you stay reading, at Work From Home Legit Job we show you right now what is Awin affiliates program and everything you need to know before subscribing to their program.

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✅ What is Awin Affiliates Program?

Awin is defined as a global community that brings together companies and independent people, as well as technology and knowledge.

Its objective is to promote sustainable growth through marketing.

It offers a platform to manage your affiliate programs as the main service.

Awin is part of Axel Springer and United Internet Group.

Its global network has 15 offices worldwide, according to its own data, 200,000 affiliates and 15,000 advertisers .

It is the result of the union of Zanox and Affilite Window, both belonging to the Zanox Group, which renamed both brands to form Awin.

So, now Zanox is Awin.

The platform generates many positive opinions , in many cases for the ease of use and the support, with useful informative videos to be able to develop.

He also has negative opinions, of course, which are usually based on payments and what they take to answer when a question or problem arises.

✅ The marketing platform for influencers

Awin Affiliate Program works with leading global brands in their respective sectors, and allows the program to subscribe to traditional affiliates, Media Partners, bloggers, vloggers and page owners on social networks.

It is, therefore, quite flexible: practically every person who generates public content online can join.

That there are big brands behind and that there is the possibility of promoting via social networks make the program very attractive to the so-called influencers, especially in its beginnings.

As they increase their impact, with the number of followers, impressions or notoriety, they will want to deal directly with the brand to take more juicy amounts.

But for someone who starts it is comfortable , because from a single platform you can manage all your promotions and, more importantly, decide which one suits you best according to your sector and your philosophy.

✅ Steps to create an account with awin affiliate program

Creating an account on Awin is extremely simple.

You must register, with no awin invitation code needed, for which you have the button and the link easily accessible in the link below, just click to join now.

As usual, during registration you will have to complete your personal data, those of your company and those of the site or websites where you are going to do promotion.

You won’t need any awin invitation code just click the link Below to get start.

Click Here To Join Now > Awin Affiliate Program

Steps to create an account with the affiliate program

Of course. When you send it, you will have to wait for it to be approved.

⚠️ To join Awin you will need an invitation code or pay $5 during the verification process. But the will return you your fund it will show up under your awin accoun balance and with your first payment you will be able to withdraw the $5 dolar fee so the want yo verify that your a person not a robot and that you have and that you are able to pay money from your debit or credit card.

Check i have $5 dollar in balance this the fee its work like a deposit to my awin payment balance so i get my $5 in my first withdraw

Once you are in the program, you must individually request to join the programs or advertisers you want.

You can use the directory to find the program that best suits you, and request it directly or get in touch with them.

We are going to set an example for you to see more clearly.

Awin is an online Affiliate program that pay $30 per publisher sign up. So when you sign up to awin affiliate program you get a link where you can bring more publishers and you earn 30 dolars for sign up and you will all get a big list of advertiser that you can work with if you join for example Zavi affiliate program a store that sells entertainment products, such as games, merchandising, Funko Pop figures !, geek and brand clothing, among many other things.

The store works with Awin, so it looks for people who, like you, are willing to promote their products in exchange for a small compensation.

Well, once you register with Awin, you can use the platform to send your ID to Zavvi, and they will send you an invitation code to join your affiliate program.

To do this, you must go to “Advertisers”, select “Adhere to programs” and look for “Zavi”, or “ 4032”.

Awin will approve your application to the program , and from that moment you can start doing promotion, using the products that Awin puts at your disposal to make your task easier.

✅ How Awin works

It follows that the system is simple: it is about contacting the right brands, promoting, following your links, earning commission and checking your performance to improve.

Awin allows you to explore the profiles of each advertiser to contact them and start promoting the brands you like, those that match your site and its philosophy.

Following the example above, if you like the world of comics, video games or fantastic literature and you have a blog about it, Zavvi may be your option to sell your merchandising products and take your commission.

Once that collaboration relationship between the brand (or brands) is established, you can easily generate promotional products , including links.

You have two options to do it:

Link builder. It’s about creating deeplinks . It is designed for when you write about a specific product, as you would do when making a review exposing features, price, opinions, pros, cons … You just have to copy the URL of the product into the Awin link builder.

Convert-a-Link. Choose this option if you are not going to focus on the product, but want to create related content . You will have to make sure you have activated the “link converter” function, and copy and paste the JavaScript code from each web page. In this way, it will be the programming language itself that “translates” the normal links to tracking links, without affecting the aesthetics of your post.

Awin gives you the option to stay informed of offers and promotions , so that you can find out about the discounts that your advertisers make and that, surely, will also interest your audience.

Don’t forget to track your links, so you can get customizable reports with information from each click. In addition, you can use advanced tools to optimize performance, such as Shared Tracking.

✅ Types of Awin affiliate programs

The Awin affiliate program can be followed from three different aspects :

  • As an affiliate, to make product promotions.
  • As an advertiser, proposing your products.
  • As a digital agency.
  • As you well know, our article is addressed to the first group.

But, an affiliate can also be of different types.

The most frequent are these:

Cashback. It is a very common formula in the United States, in which the affiliate shares the income with the final buyers of the product he has promoted. So to speak, the affiliate pays its users for buying.
Loyalty . It is similar to the previous one, since the affiliate offers to the final consumers a compensation or reward for the purchase, although usually it is not monetary.

Price comparison. This type has had a tremendous growth in recent years, as it allows to promote many products but giving useful information about them. They have become a great tool for the consumer, who does not have to compare features and prices.

Discount code. It is also a well-known modality, in which the affiliate is dedicated to offering discounts and offers from several advertisers in a specific niche. It works very well with leisure plans such as trips, getaways, dinners …

Content. It is the one that allows a more personal style and with which thousands of users can be reflected, so that its great advantage is that it will be a loyal audience that will consider you an authorized voice. But it is also the one that involves more work, because the content is created by you or your team. Whether tickets, videos or others, which are attractive takes time.

Influencer. As we said, where they mainly move is in social networks, which are faster to work than a blog or a YouTube channel. But it’s also about generating interesting content.

You won’t need any awin invitation code just click the link Below to get start.

Click Here To Join Now > Awin Affiliate Program

✅ How to add Awin links in WordPress

If you have built your site with this famous CMS, it is easier to manage Awin with the WordPress plugin.

There are also plugins for Blogger / Blogspot, if this is your case.

There are several available, but all are included in Awin Publisher MasterTag, so this is where to start.

Once you install it on your website, you can activate the Awin plugins, which are several, to help you monetize.

Click here to install Awin Publisher MasterTag, the easiest thing is to go to the WordPress plugin store and search, download and install it, in standard mode.

What is it for? The plugin has an essential function, which is to connect your website with the Awin platform.

All you have to do in your WordPress panel is to access the plugin settings and enter your Awin Publisher ID.

After this, you will be ready. ?

Well, not quite . But you won’t need to do anything else in WordPress.

Now you will have to go to the Awin interface, from where you can make the other necessary adjustments.

To do this, go to the Links and Tools section , available in the top menu, and click on Publisher MasterTag .

From there you can activate the options that you think are most convenient, although the one you will be looking for is Convert-a-Link.

If you enable this option, all links on your page will automatically become trackable affiliate links, but it is not the only thing it offers.

You can also use the option to ignore certain links so that they do not convert.

⚠️ Activation may take about three hours to become effective.

You can verify that it is working by accessing your website and creating a link that points to the Awin link checker.

The system will notify you if it works correctly, by going directly to the page or notifying you with an error message.

✅ Brand banners at your disposal

All advertisers have creative resources to facilitate the promotion to their affiliates, and you can easily find them through the Awin Platform.

To take a look, you just have to go to the links and tools section, in the top menu.

A submenu will be displayed with several options, including ” My creatives “, under “Links”. Click on this.

In the “Advertisers” box, write the name of the brand that interests you, select it and see everything it has to offer to facilitate the promotion.

At a minimum, you will have banners of various types, in various sizes and designs.

The next step will be to select one and click on the “Copy code” option.

✅ How much money can you earn in commissions?

There are several levels of commission, depending on the program to which you subscribe.

Unfortunately, you cannot see commissions until you enroll in a program.

The same platform reminds you of something that we strongly agree with: the best affiliate program is not the one that pays the most, but the one that best suits your goals and those of your project.

If you consider affiliate marketing as a source of secondary income, you will care less than the amount that is the main one.

? How to bill Awin

The platform pays its affiliates twice a month , via transfer only.

But, the minimum amount must be 20 dolars.

In this way, transactions that have been confirmed between days 1 and 15 will be paid on the first day of the following month; and those that have been confirmed between 16 and 31, will be paid on the 16th of the following month.

You can also choose to receive a monthly payment , in which case it will be credited to the account on the 15th of each month.

You can check the dates in “Reports / Summary”.

From there you can also check the payment history, as well as modify the frequency and payment “Update payment data”.?

✅ Tips to earn a LOT of money with Awin Affiliate Program

Let’s talk about what interests everyone: how can you earn a good salary with the Awin affiliate program?

Awin says there are bloggers earning $ 5,000 doing affiliate marketing.

A priori you may find the amount inflated, but making money with Awin is possible and they offer you an interesting amount of tools to put it into practice.

Another question is to earn a figure that allows you to live on it, for which we offer some tips:

Pay attention to your subscribers. If you do not have it, it is already taking time to put the box of rigor on the side, at a minimum, and invite the subscription. That is not enough: you should also keep the list updated and use it to get to know your audience better and segment.
Give importance to email marketing . With your segmented list, launch email marketing campaigns in which you attach your affiliate links. If he does not click at the moment, he will do it later, but you will not lose the commission.

Plan your content well. Without interesting content there is no audience, without audience there are no sales and without sales there is no commission. Establish a frequency of publication, think about what you will talk about and cure it.

Use social networks. Because they amplify the impact and because they can also host your affiliate links. You can use programming tools like Hootsuite, and try to generate feedback. Important: be creative!

Always monitor and analyze. As advertisers, your task is to always look for products, services and ways to sell them that work well. WordPress, Google Analytics or the Awin platform to follow the links will give you relevant information.

Update knowledge. If you do not know anything about analyzing data, about the situation in your sector or about trends, you will go blind. Find out and train.

If you were looking for other tips, you can look at other entries where we talk about affiliate marketing , which can also serve you.

In any case, we are disappointed: you will not find any magic formula. But with effort and in the long run, you can get anything. ?

You won’t need any awin invitation code just click the link Below to get start.

Click Here To Join Now > Awin Affiliate Program

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