Covi 19 WFHLJ – High Paying Apple Affiliate Program WILL Make You Income

In case you are a big, authoritative writer and will force a big quantity of visitors to Apple Track trial sign-ups, you’ll follow for the Premier Spouse Program the place you’ll earn upper commissions, receives a commission sooner and achieve get right of entry to to complex sources that will help you earn extra.

Ahead of October 2018, the Apple associates program additionally integrated commissions for Mac and iOS apps offered during the App Retailer. Somewhat in truth, they ticked off a large number of unswerving Apple associates after they eradicated that section from their program. However its now not coming again and there are nonetheless many services and products you’ll receives a commission on as an associate.

Because the Apple Products and services program evolves, they’re  dedicated to rolling out new alternatives and advertising channels for all associates each huge and small.

Covi 19 WFHLJ - High Paying Apple Affiliate Program WILL Make You Income

The offshoot program is overseen by Performance Horizon Group (PHG). PHG audits the entirety of the iTunes member applications. They take around multi week. At the point when affirmed, you get a sign into the PHG Dashboard where you will discover your subsidiary token.

This is the addition you can add to your connections the way to getting credit. This implies you can make profound connections however and send your guests legitimately to any iTunes page.

iTunes Music Subscription Affiliate Program

The iTunes Music affilaite program is a piece of the equivalent PHG upheld promoting program as the downlaodable items at iTunes. It pays 100% of the principal months membership. The key here is to get them pursued the free preliminaries. Let Apple do the changes.

Apple Premier Partner Program

For bigger distributers, Apple has the Premier Partner Program. This is intended for high traffic destinations that will for example drive 500-1000 preliminaries for each month. The advantages of this program are …

Paid being investigated start. The standard program pays toward the finish of the multi day preliminary. Head Partners are paid toward the start.

Get paid more. The Premier program individuals are paid 2x – to 3x more than the Standard program … 70% to 100% of the enrollment sum forthright ($7-$10).

More instruments and innovative. Chief Partners can get custom imaginative advertising work of art.

White-glove support. Head Partners get ‘premium help including help creating innovative work of art, checking connections, and the sky is the limit from there.

iTunes App Affiliate Program Discontinued

There was somewhat of a stun to the affilaite program when Apple halted the App partner program.

This appeared to impact various engineers who depended on commissions to destinations adapting by means of these commissions.

Apple Products and Affiliate Sales

iTunes, App Store, Apple Book Store

The iTunes affilaite connections will procure commissions are qualified on deals in the iTunes Store, the App Store, and the Apple Books Store.

Apple Music

Apple Music is the music membership administration from Apple. It is like Spotify.


There is no partner program for Apple Store or other PC, telephone, tablet and so forth deals. In the event that that is a significant piece of your business you should take a gander at other subsidiary projects that have Apple gear. A few places that sell Apple and have a partner program incorporate …

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • BestBuy
  • Walmart

Check the commission rates intently as things like iPhones may not fit the bill for member installments.

Apple Commission Rates and Rules

Apple pays structure 2.5% to 7% of each passing deal in iTunes including films, TV, iBooks. They every so often have twofold commission and different advancements.

Apple music pays 100% of the principal months membership. It isn’t repeating.

Standard Program Rates and Information

The most effective method to Promote Apple Online

At 7% I wouldn’t spend a great deal of cash on publicizing. It is improbable the commissions will surpass the promotion spend. That leaves Social Media and substance advertising.

Content Marketing

This is the establishment of practically all partner advertisers and significantly more so for an Apple affilaite. You are going to need to concentrate on traffic and getting individuals to take a free preliminary. Attempt to make battles that will drive preliminaries and get into the Premier accomplice program.

Online life

Apple is a characteristic for online life. You can make connects to free substance in your posts and get them cookied on Apple for a potential transformation. This is particlarly compelling with the Apple Music program which has a 30-day cookie.

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