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Account Payble For Small Business – Platform


Shipping time:10-20business days


Warranty:  30-day refund or replacement


The Simplest Way to Pay Vendors & Contractors. Pay any invoice with a bank transfer for FREE, or use your credit card to defer payment and earn rewards (2.9% fee). Vendors receive a check or a bank deposit.

Add vendor/bill details
Enter details manually, upload a file or take a photo of an invoice. It’s super easy. Integrate QuickBooks to auto-sync it all.

Pay by card or bank
Schedule payments to pay exactly when you want. Pay with a bank transfer or card, even where cards are not accepted.

Vendor gets a check or bank transfer
Choose how vendors get paid. Your vendor receives a check or bank transfer without needing to sign up to Melio.

Free up cash by paying with a credit card
Pay vendors with a business credit card even if your payment receivers don’t accept them. Get rewards and take advantage of up to 45 days of float until your next credit card billing cycle.

Payment approval workflows
Invite users from your company or your accountant and easily set up their roles and permissions to schedule payments. Control approval of each transaction and stay on top of your cash flow.

Schedule and manage multiple due dates
Stop setting reminders and worrying about late payments or paying too early and slowing down your cash flow. Easily schedule payment transactions and pay right on time, every time.

Perfectly in sync with QuickBooks
Just log in to your Intuit account to connect QuickBooks for 2-way sync between your payments and your accounting.

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