10k Email Subscribers in 30 days with Hello Bar

How to Gain 10k Additional Email Subscribers in 30 Days Using the Hello Bar

Ever wonder why anyone—Ramit Sethi, Tammy Camp, Andrew Warner, and DIYthemes—started the usage of the Hello Bar?

It’s a excellent manner to develop your email listing, and it’s FREE. Heck, in the past 30 days alone, the Hello Bar helped DIYthemes gain an extra 1,180 electronic mail subscribers.

So, maintain analyzing and I’ll show you the way we did it.

10k Email Subscribers in 30 days with Hello Bar

Why Hello Bar Works

When human beings go to your internet site, they’re laser-targeted on locating what they need. In most instances, they’re looking for something precise, however they’re inclined to check out something else that grabs their interest too.

And that’s wherein Hello Bar comes in…It’s a well designed, full-width bar that spans throughout the pinnacle of your website—like on DIYthemes—that facilitates you grab interest without being obnoxious.

If you use the Hello Bar, or begin the usage of the Hello bar, the subsequent 3-step procedure will help you maximize you consequences.

Step 1: Offer a Tangible Bribe

The Hello Bar is a top notch way to seize your reader’s interest. However, when you seize it, the text you put within the Hello Bar have to inspire your visitors to click the hyperlink.

Easy sufficient. The query is, how are you going to maximize the quantity of clicks you get?

In my testing, a Hello Bar with a tangible promise (ebook, webinar, and so forth.) were given 28% more clicks than a Hello Bar with an intangible promise (loose updates, greater news, and many others.).

For example, on the DIYthemes marketing weblog, we specially say “Download Your Free 33-Page Ebook Nonverbal Website Intelligence” and that transformed 28% better than “Don’t Forget to Sign Up for Free Email Updates!”

Note: Some humans, like Tim Ferriss, use the Hello Bar to sell products. I think this works for humans with effective brands. However, in case you’re running with an emerging emblem, you’re higher off using it for lead generation.

So, now that you’re producing more clicks, where’s the great region to ship those clicks?

Step 1: Offer a Tangible Bribe

Step 2: Send Hello Bar Traffic to a Landing Page

A few years returned, a easy decide-in shape with a promise changed into desirable sufficient for gaining new electronic mail subscribers. However, due to the fact all and sundry does that these days, you have to step up your game and “sell” loose.

As you no doubt guessed, the pleasant manner to do this is with a landing page.

What do I imply via landing page?

Quite definitely, a landing web page is a web page for your website online that has one major goal, and in this situation, that goal is to get an e mail in exchange for the tangible product you promised.

For instance, at DIYthemes, we promise an ebook to get clicks. When people click on that link, they arrive at a web page that primes the ebook similarly, and then gives it in exchange for an e mail.

Overall, this is a great tactic, and the last I checked, it converts around 70% of the individuals who hit the web page. Not tremendous, however this leads me to the final segment…

Step 3: Maximize the Conversion Rate Of Your Landing Page

I’m a massive fan of cut up-testing as it’s the simplest manner you can be sure that what you’re doing works. Unfortunately, constructing the proper landing page takes work, masses of checking out, and time (oh, and proper break up testing software).

However, there are four simple guidelines that almost usually increase your touchdown web page conversion charges. They are:

1. Eliminate Distractions – Your landing page should don’t have any distractions (no sidebar, navigation, and many others). When you need people to provide you their e mail, don’t provide them some other option and conversions will go up.

2. Include a Prominent Call-to-Action – The fact is, the majority search for visual cues that take hold of their interest, and a call-to-movement button above the fold does just that.

3. Create Active Text – If you want people to click your call-to-motion button, use energetic text like “Download Your Ebook,” “Watch the Video,” or as we do on the DIYthemes pricing page, “Register and Download.” In our revel in, this converts nice.

4. Minimize Content Width – When most people create touchdown pages, they tend to use the no-sidebars option in WordPress. Unfortunately, that makes your content too huge, uninviting, and daunting (read greater right here). So, make certain you restriction your width to no greater than 600 pixels.

The Bottom Line

Will every person who uses the Hello Bar get 1,one hundred eighty emails in 30 days?

Probably now not, unless they have visitors just like the DIYthemes advertising weblog. However, adding the Hello Bar will assist you entice people for your list that you can now not are becoming in any other case, and that’s a win.

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